The Second Chance Foundation provides support to disabled individuals as they experience the greatest physical, emotional, and spiritual challenge in their lives.

The Second Chance Foundation provides need-based support that is responsible.
  The Second Chance Foundation provides assistance based on financial need to individuals who have a disability and who require rehabilitation.  Those who receive support from Second Chance have exhausted, or do not have, any other financial options for their specific needs.

Quality of Life
The Second Chance Foundation empowers individuals to improve their quality of life.
  The Second Chance Foundation carefully looks at individuals - their situations, their activities, their needs - and provides solutions so that individuals can improve their own quality of life, rebuilding their self-esteem.

Specific and Practical
The Second Chance Foundation meets needs that are specific and practical.
  The Foundation directly purchases or provides funds for specific needs, such as equipment, extended outpatient therapy, or continuing education, that will help a disabled person achieve a better quality of life.

The Second Chance Foundation gives support that is liberating.
  The Second Chance Foundation's assistance gives freedom that enables the disabled to work, get involved, be active and independent.  Often, by offering a disabled person independence, The Second Chance Foundation lifts a caregiver's burden as well.