TOUGH:  Webster’s Dictionary has a few definitions of the word TOUGH:  durable, sturdy, solid, grueling, resilient, and strong enough to withstand wear and tear.  The next edition of Webster could easily forego all of the above and print one definition:  TOUGH – CAREY LINVILLE.

                Carey Linville is a Second Chance recipient personifying all prior definitions plus encompassing bountiful mental fortitude.  In 1951 Carey was born into an Air Force family stationed in Pensacola, Florida.  His formative years were spent in numerous locations ranging from coast to coast in the United States, Guam, Okinawa and the Philippines.

                As a youth and young adult, Carey’s love of music, teamed with a gift of musical talent, provided not only joy for his family and himself, but also presented opportunities to travel with banks as a drummer and keyboard player.

                Health issues began early in life for this talented young man.  As a teenager, Carey began his road of travel down the progressing path of problems with every part of his body.  Arthritis was diagnosed in his youth.  In the following years, Carey endured hypertension, kidney failure, spurs on his neck, congestive heart failure, spinal surgery, knee replacement and, eventually, infection that led to the amputation of his right leg.

                Throughout each new experience with a “health adventure,” Carey continued to remain positive in attitude and to pursue the path of performing music.  In the mid 70’s he met his beloved Kathy and, in 1976, they married and set out traveling and performing together as musicians.

                The rhythmical sound of the names together—Carey and Kathy—is indicative of their life together.  In the early years of this union, they traveled and performed their music, bore three children and concentrated on instilling within these three a good value and moral system and educational guidelines and aspirations.

                Carey held DJ positions with Christian radio stations in the Panhandle, performed benefits for Channel 4 and participated in and performed for the Cowboy church’s praise and worship services.  He also volunteered at Faith City Mission by producing, performing and recording for the purpose of fundraising.

                All of us have faced adversity in our life.  Carey faced (and still faces) adverse health situations year after year while reaching out to others.  Nothing seems to deter his pursuit of a full and meaningful life.  Through all of his struggles of health, raising a family, providing for his family, living in a wheelchair due to the loss of his leg and being on oxygen 24/7, Carey’s spirit never falters—TOUGH.

                The Panhandle of Texas is not only blessed by the spirit and strength of Carey Linville.  We are also blessed with a Foundation that reaches out with a stable strong arm of hope and fulfillment of dreams.  In 2007, Carey found he was in need of help with transportation.  Applying to the Second Chance Foundation was recommended.

                SECOND CHANCE – Webster’s Dictionary could add The Second Chance Foundation to its next publication—however, a whole page would need to be dedicated for meanings.  This Foundation offers so much hope, joy, stability, caring, aid, and peace of mind to so many individuals throughout the Panhandle who may be physically challenged, but who are still set on helping themselves and contributing to others.

                When Carey reached out to the Second Chance Foundation, this amazing Foundation extended the hand of hope in return.  They purchased a van for Carey.  The seat is high enough so that Carey can step in with nominal strain on his left leg and his spine.  The van allows room for his wheelchair, crutches and oxygen tank.  Thus, appointments with therapists and physicians can be kept.  This allows Carey the ability to, once again, share with his community.

                We of the Panhandle can observe and enjoy the beauty of the sunrise in the morning and the beauty of our sunsets each evening.  We can enjoy the beauty of the wheat farms and the cattle ranches.  We can also enjoy and reap the rewards of the Second Chance Foundation.

                SECOND CHANCE – the foundation that gives a beautiful sunrise to the life of each recipient and quietly, yes, as quiet as the breeze thru the fields of wheat and peace of the grazing cattle, Second Chance gives that second chance to each recipient.

                Thank you Carey Linville for being such a contributing individual and an inspiration in so many lives.  And thank you Second Chance Foundation for always giving that second chance to enjoy the beauties of the path of life.