Eddie Bobbitt lives with pain every day but he doesn’t give up the fight.  He continues working and believing in the possibility of miracles.  His faith and determination remain strong.  And whether it is washing windows, working on radios or repairing VCRs, Eddie Bobbitt does his job with a sense of pride and gratitude for the opportunity to work and serve.

            After graduating from Tascosa High School, Eddie went on to study electronics at a technical school in Waco.  He landed a good job in Houston working on aircraft radios and was enjoying life with his family when he began experiencing pain is his neck, back and hips.  A Houston doctor found the problem.  Eddie had a rare form of arthritis.  When his pain became so severe he could no longer work, Eddie and his wife, Zana, decided it would be best to move back home to Amarillo.

            After returning to Amarillo, Eddie’s arthritis improved and he was able to work again.  He got a job doing residential window washing, but after a while, the physical demands of washing windows became too great and Eddie found himself looking for another way to make a living for his wife and two boys.  He and a friend opened a VCR repair shop which, unfortunately, did not prove to be financially profitable.  Not one to give up, Eddie began looking for another opportunity.  He got his current job doing repairs on fast food restaurant electronic equipment.

            In addition to needing to go to work, Eddie needs to go to water therapy every day.  But last year he reached the point where getting in and out of his car became so difficult, he had to limit his trips to one a day.  A special gift from the Second Chance Foundation changed all that.

In December, 1999, Eddie got his van. “My life has changed dramatically,” he said.  “Life is 15 times easier.  I can load my walker and just up and go.  It’s been a wonderful blessing.”  Having a van has tremendously improved Eddie’s quality of life.  Not only can he work part-time, he can go to water therapy, attend a weekly prayer group and run errands.

            When asked how he keeps on going in the face of chronic pain, Eddie answered easily.  “My faith.”  Pausing to reflect, Eddie continued, “I don’t let life slip through my hands.  You can sit around and feel sorry for yourself or you can try and live your life the best you can.”

            Clearly, Eddie Bobbitt is living his life the best he can.  He works, he serves and he smiles.  And the Second Chance Foundation has helped make it all a little easier.