Rebecca Isaacs is a native of Pennsylvania and graduated from St. Mary’s High School.  She has lived in Amarillo for a number of years.  In her mid 50’s and wheelchair bound, Rebecca grew up in an orphanage without family ties and unloved.  While these circumstances could have been defeating, a positive outlook and faith in God have been instrumental in keeping her motivated.  She doesn’t feel sorry for herself, but is always looking for ways to display random acts of kindness to others.  In fact, when asked what keeps her going she responded, “I don’t think feeling sorry for yourself helps.  Keep trying to improve and ask the good Lord to help.”  Her motto is “Let go and let God.”

            Isaacs has a lot to be thankful for.  She’s most thankful for the second chance received from God to live life in a more productive, loving way.  She is also grateful to Second Chance Foundation for providing the lift and hand controls in her van.  Future plans include getting a prosthetic leg which will enable her to walk again.  She would like to be remembered for the love and kindness shown to others.  Her favorite song is “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder;” favorite color is blue and her favorite time of year is Spring.